I'm Ben the Mole Catcher, and I catch moles in Kent and surrounding areas.

Each mole trapping requires at least two visits – one to set the traps and a return visit to inspect the traps. Usually the first setting of traps is successful, but on some occasions subsequent visits are required as moles can be very canny and avoid the traps. On rare occasions, the mole leaves the territory and no mole is caught. In this case no charge is made.

Moles live alone in their territories, so usually only one mole is caught. However, it is possible to have two or more territories in a large garden or paddock. If a mole vacates a territory, this can be re-inhabited by another mole. This can occur quite soon or some months/years after the resident mole has been caught.

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I am an expert, professional mole catcher, concentrating solely on eradicating your mole problem efficiently and discreetly.

I only use approved specialist mole traps and mole trapping methods The most effective and legal mole traps are those that kill humanely and instantly.
The mole traps must be set with care and skill to ensure the mole is trapped humanely and does not suffer. This is a legal requirement and can only be ensured by employing a professional mole trapper who understands mole habits, their environment and by using the correct, properly made and maintained mole-trapping equipment.

Moles cause considerable damage and subsequent problems:-

  • Lawn and garden damage
  • Damage to lawn mowers and agricultural machinery
  • Damage to water courses and banks
  • Airfields, golf links, race courses and amenity land damage
  • Agricultural damage includes land coverage, crop damage, with up to 30% crop yield reduction, weed invasion and pasture degradation, listeria, (causes skin disease to sheep & goats which is transmittable to man), orf and clostridium (makes silage go sour and reduces milk and beef yield)
  • Access tunnels into bird pens for stoats
  • Risk of injury with consequent litigation and insurance claims

Applied Mole Trapping established 2009

Mole catching areasKent

Areas including Seal, Dunton Green, Otford, Shoreham, Biggin Hill, Eynesford, West Kingsdown, Southborough, Penshurst, Wrotham, Borough Green, Plaxtol, West Malling, Kings Hill, East Peckham, Tonbridge and Pembury.


Most areas within Surrey including Sanderstead, Selsdon, New Addington, Warlingham, Whytleafe, Woldingham, Caterham,
Chaldon, Nethene-on-the-Hill and Croydon.

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